EnCompass’ work with youth focuses on creating access to high-quality healthcare and education as well as safe environments through which youth may prosper. A significant share of our work has focused on assisting U.S. government agencies and international organizations in assessing and evaluating their youth-targeted programs, training implementers on better youth-oriented practices, and designing programs to achieve better outcomes.

We have helped clients design, evaluate, and implement programs on a variety of topics, including improving reading outcomes in community schools, increasing services for orphans and vulnerable children, and addressing sexual and reproductive health of adolescents. Our cross-cutting expertise and rich offerings in evaluation, learning and leadership development, and gender analysis help clients engage young people as partners in their growth and development.

Assessment of Peruvian Youth Participation and Civic Engagement

This assessment of the civic participation of Peruvian youth addresses USAID’s concern regarding the presence and contribution of youth to its ongoing development activities. The assessment identifies the issues that most interest youth, the means of communication...

A Gendered Approach to Positive Girl and Boy Development

This document contains key outcomes and recommendations of the 2018 Gender 360 Summit. EnCompass was a sponsor of this event, and staff members co-facilitated a post-summit discussion resulting in the outcomes and recommendations. The five recommendations focus on the...