EnCompass LLC is excited to announce that we have officially moved our headquarters to 1100 Wayne Avenue, Suite 1200, Silver Spring, MD 20910! This move brings us closer to our clients in Washington, D.C. and many of our partner organizations, and the neighborhood offers easy Metro access and a vibrant community.

Our new space features a gorgeous training room, soundproof media center, privacy booths, and a wellness room. All the conference rooms and offices are equipped with soundproofing and the latest technology to support hybrid meetings and virtual engagement. Large windows brighten the space and offer sweeping views of downtown Silver Spring.

While planning our move, we worked closely with our architect to design and build our new suite to green building standards, with features like motion-activated lights, and outfitted the new space with gently used furniture. We are also excited to participate in our

new building’s composting program and to continue supporting our environment however we can.

At our opening day festivities in June, staff members reflected on how wonderful it was to be together, and the many exciting possibilities for collaboration and co-creation the new office space holds. Our Jordan and Lebanon teams presented beautiful gifts that will adorn the new space and help us feel more connected to our staff members around the world.

We are grateful to everyone who helped to make our vision for this new space a reality. We hope our new office will be a place where everyone—our clients, partners, colleagues in the D.C. area, and our remote colleagues—feels welcome and supported to do their best work!

We look forward to welcoming visitors to our new location and our beautiful new space. Hope to see you soon!