Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research

The EnCompass team helps clients and partners enhance performance by using data and information to learn through monitoring, evaluation, and research.

Recognized for our thought leadership and models for client engagement, our team works to tailor methods and tools to suit the client’s needs. Our team of experts works across sectors and in cross-cutting areas of gender, institutionalization, and quality improvement.

Our Approach

EnCompass is committed to being a thought partner whose inputs and advice help guide clients forward by building on past successes. To encourage utilization, we work hand-in-hand with clients to develop designs, articulate theories of change, formulate recommendations, and develop implementation plans. Our work in learning and organizational development allows us to integrate strong facilitation and capacity-strengthening processes into our monitoring, evaluation, and research work.

Fostering Learning Quality and Improvement

EnCompass’ monitoring and evaluation services incorporate the following methods and values:

  • Appreciative and Strengths-based. As our signature approach, we use Appreciative Evaluation, a strengths-based methodology that helps our clients discover the best of the past, imagine possibilities, and develop future actions. EnCompass’ CEO, Tessie Catsambas, is an innovator and practitioner in Appreciative Evaluation methods and co-author of the seminal book, Reframing Evaluation Through Appreciative Inquiry.
  • Participant-centered. We exercise humility and respect in engaging participants, and believe that active engagement of key stakeholders leads to more meaningful and feasible evaluation frameworks.
  • Utilization-focused. We engage clients as partners and leaders, strengthening their understanding and ability to make use of evaluation results, and implement stronger and more targeted interventions. Through participatory learning sessions we work with clients to build data into improvement processes.
  • Complexity-aware. We use methods that explore interrelationships within networks, elucidate non-linear causal pathways, and stimulate questioning that leads to deeper understanding.
  • Mixed-methods. We often use both quantitative and qualitative methods in research and evaluation, gathering data through document reviews, secondary data analysis, surveys, semi-structured interviews, and focus groups. This approach allows for broad understanding, deep exploration of insights, and triangulation of findings.
  • Equity-focused. We account for the reality that interventions affect stakeholders differently, and address these differences by engaging a diversity of voices and by disaggregating data during the analysis process.
  • Capacity Building. We frequently provide technical assistance or training/coaching to help deepen monitoring, evaluation, and research skills.
  • Quality Improvement. We have expertise in the development of standards, selection of indicators and outcomes, data collection and analysis, formulation and testing of solutions, and evaluating the performance of development innovations.


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