Learning and Capacity Strengthening

The EnCompass team helps clients and partners build their capacity to make a powerful difference in global development with an effective workforce. Our innovative approaches to learning empower staff to gain competence and confidence, and to engage more fully in their work.

Our pool of instructional designers, facilitators, trainers, e-learning specialists, synchronous learning experts, and media designers reflects our multicultural, multilingual client base. With expertise spanning various sectors, our team is able to provide learning and capacity strengthening in both highly technical topics as well as in “soft” skills.

Our Approach

EnCompass sees the assessment of learning needs as indispensable to program design. We guide our clients through collaborative design processes to map intended outcomes with learners’ current capabilities, and then develop responsive approaches to meet those shared objectives.

Building Individual Capacity and Strengths

We are experts in creating blended learning programs that include:

  • Learning to Fit Busy Schedules. Participants fit learning activities into their own schedules by accessing course pre-work through online course portals. Pre-work takes the form of short videos, engaging e-courses, and specific short assignments that allow participants to focus on the principles, concepts, policies, and facts to be addressed in the larger learning program on their own time, at their convenience. We also link learners with coaches or mentors to support continued growth after they return to their jobs. 
  • Virtual Instructor-led Training (vILT). Our certified synchronous learning experts design engaging virtual sessions for remote teams, using a web conferencing platform, such as AdobeConnect. Participant groups of up to 200 learners join from anywhere in the world, even the deep field, to make meaning of concepts, collaborate, share feedback, conduct data collection, or hold virtual focus groups. EnCompass virtual sessions are creative, engaging, out-of-the-box learning experiences that use the fullness of this online technology to keep participants motivated and engaged.   
  • Face-to-face Learning Experiences. EnCompass learning designers develop highly interactive face-to-face learning experiences such as meetings, workshops, and retreats. These sessions are experiential and invite participants to build on their experiences, practice and apply learning principles, and collaborate.
  • Learning “Bursts.” We follow up specific programs with periodic messages, delivering job aids, animations, interactive videos, and other resources to help participants revisit a technical subject or reflect on key aspects of their work. The bursts help participants stretch into new roles or strengthen understanding of subject matter.
  • Action Learning. Participants are supported to apply their learning in meaningful ways. EnCompass facilitators guide participants in identifying well-crafted action learning focus areas that allow learners to stretch into new areas of professional development. EnCompass professional coaches support learners to get the most out of these engagements.

The EnCompass team is committed to using data to inform quality assurance and continual process improvements in our learning and development programs. Our in-house evaluation experts help design rigorous learning evaluations based on the Kirkpatrick and Philips ROI method, while our technical experts are available to offer sector-specific inputs as needed.

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