AIDSFree Lessons from the PEPFAR Gender-Based Violence Initiative in Mozambique

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In this report, AIDSFree reviewed the PEPFAR Gender-Based Violence Initiative (GBVI) in Mozambique in 2015 to assess lessons of the initiative's implementation. The PEPFAR GBVI is aimed at improving HIV prevention, care, and treatment at all levels of society in Mozambique. The AIDSFree team reviewed 390 documents and spoke with 40 stakeholders to complete the assessment. Findings from this report will be used to inform programming and future initiatives.

This report is also available in Portuguese at this link.

You can find for information about the AIDSFree project here, and the Synthesis Report addressing these findings as well as findings in Tanzania and the DRC here.

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Floriza Gennari, Thandie Harris-Sapp, Kelsey Simmons, and Lyn A. Messner
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