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Transform: Primary Health Care Gender Assessment

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Key topics: Gender and Inclusive Development, Health, Technical Assistance

Regions: Sub-Saharan Africa

Related countries: Ethiopia

The Transform: Primary Health Care Activity provides technical assistance to the Government of Ethiopia to support implementation of the Health Sector Transformation Plans I and II, with the ultimate goal of preventing child and maternal deaths. EnCompass, as the gender partner, conducted a comprehensive gender analysis, led the co-creation of an Activity gender strategy, conducted further research on relevant gender-related gaps in primary health care, and provided technical assistance across thematic teams to better integrate gender considerations throughout the Activity’s interventions. In the Activity’s last year, it conducted a gender assessment to identify successes and challenges in addressing and responding to the gender gaps and opportunities identified in the Activity’s gender analysis. This report presents the methodology, findings, conclusions, and recommendations of the gender assessment. Below you can find the full Quantitative Analysis Narrative (Annex B) and a copy of the Fathers: Involved, Responsible, Healthy dialogue session curriculum for men’s engagement in family planning and ante-natal care (Annex C).

Photo by: USAID Ethiopia

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