Resources for Individuals and Organizations Documenting Human Rights Abuses in Iran

Below are a series of resource briefs that were developed to help individuals and organizations strengthen their human rights documentation efforts and to better target their work to their intended users. The information is based on the findings from a 2021-2022 assessment about human rights documentation in Iran. These briefs are not intended to be comprehensive. We encourage interested stakeholders to seek out additional resources and information.


Resource 1. Checklist: Best Practices in Human Rights Documentation

Resource 1 in Persian

This guide provides action steps for human rights documentation producers to take when preparing for and conducting documentation in Iran. These steps ensure that human rights documentation is effective and efficient and produces high-quality information.


Resource 2. How to Make a Bigger Impact with Your Human Rights Documentation Products

Resource 2 in Persian

This document details best practices in dissemination and offers concrete recommendations to human rights organizations and activists on how to better target their documentation products to their intended audience.


Resource 3. Addressing Challenges to Human Rights Documentation During Action-Forcing Events

Resource 3 in Persian

This brief provides human rights documentation stakeholders outside of Iran with recommendations on how to mitigate and overcome the most common challenges faced during action-forcing events. (Note: Action-forcing events are intense periods where human rights documentation groups have to document gross human rights violations resulting from massive political unrest such as the November 2019 protests.)