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Resource Guide: Gender Integration in Access to Finance Programming in Lebanon

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Resource author(s): Jennifer Pendleton, Sahar Alnouri, ,

Key topics: Economic Growth, Gender and Inclusive Development, Technical Assistance

Regions: Middle East and North Africa

Related countries: Lebanon

This resource guide was developed under the Performance Management and Support Program for Lebanon II (PMSPL II) activity to assist USAID implementing mechanisms ensure that women and men are equally able to engage in and benefit from access to finance activities in Lebanon. It includes (1) a description of common barriers to access to finance in Lebanon from a gender perspective, (2) examples of how to address them through programming, and (3) technical resources and guidance for integrating gender at all stages of the project cycle for any access to finance project. The guide focuses on access to finance and non-financial services for micro, small, and medium enterprises and entrepreneurship.

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