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Prioritizing HIV in Mental Health Services in Post-Conflict Settings

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Resource author(s): Melissa Sharer, Mary Gutmann, Melissa Sharer, Mary Gutmann

Key topics: Gender and Inclusive Development, Health, Technical Assistance


Related countries: Uganda

After opening the clinic in northern Uganda, PCAF mental health staff requested specialized HIV training because they felt it was critical to address their clients’ mental health and HIV care and support needs in a holistic and knowledgeable manner. In northern Uganda, mental health service providers must know their individual client, and having HIV knowledge and experience is key to being effective in their work. In comparison to the rest of the country, estimated HIV prevalence in northern Uganda is significantly higher (8 to 12 percent compared to 6.7 percent). When mental services are being delivered in generalized HIV epidemics, such as in northern Uganda, mental health providers must understand the association between HIV and mental health and provide strong linkages and referrals to services that meet the needs of people living with HIV.

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