Civil Society Engagement: Assessment of Three USAID/Peru Activities

Civil Society Engagement: Assessment of Five USAID/Peru Activities

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Resource author(s): Elsa Bardalez, Nataly Ponce, Engelbert Barreto , Elsa Bardalez, Nataly Ponce, Engelbert Barreto

Key topics: Democracy, Rights, and Governance

Regions: Latin America and the Caribbean

Related countries: Peru

This cross-sectional assessment examines citizen engagement mechanisms (the term “mechanism” refers to the structures or forms of citizen participation promoted by implementing partners) in five USAID-supported projects to capitalize on learning and strengthen interventions in this field, with a view to improving the integrity of the state and combating corruption. It focuses on the characterization of mechanisms, the analysis of effectiveness and sustainability, and lessons learned, which are addressed through a qualitative methodology.

The assessment characterizes the mechanisms by distinguishing three forms of citizen engagement based on their main function: advocacy and citizen awareness; surveillance and oversight; and a third form that performs both functions. It identifies achievements that include the dynamization of citizen engagement of the members of the mechanisms and the immediate environment of intervention, the dissemination of information, some improvements sought in the operations of the State, and some achievements of a broader institutional nature. It finds organizational, management, support, and feedback strategies that fostered the effectiveness and sustainability of the mechanisms in different ways. Interinstitutional work and close- and somewhat locally based—support to the mechanisms is noteworthy.

The assessment derives recommendations for implementing partners, USAID, and the Peruvian government. This report is available in Spanish. You can also find the Summary and Policy Brief, both available in English and Spanish, below.


Photo by: USAID

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