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Under USAID's Worldwide Training (WWT) project, EnCompass provides training and facilitation, curriculum development, e-learning design, and analytical services to USAID staff through an integrated core suite of training courses. The courses are intended to build skills and knowledge of USAID staff in areas of strategic planning, budgeting, procurement, program and project management, and monitoring and evaluation. EnCompass partners with RTI on this project. The courses provided include:

  • Introduction to Program Cycle (IPC), formerly known as Programming Foreign Assistance (PFA)
  • Project Design and Management (PDM)
  • Acquisition and Assistance Management for Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs)/Agreement Officer’s Representatives (AORs) (A&A104)
  • Advanced Project Design (APD)

EnCompass delivers these courses to USAID employees around the world, dozens of times per year to help them understand USAID’s organizational structure, internal processes, and resources and skills needed to fulfill the Agency’s mission and further advance the achievement of development outcomes.

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Project Dates 
2010 - Ongoing
Client Type 
U.S. Government

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