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EnCompass worked to strengthen the evidence base for community school-based education in Zambia in order to ultimately improve early grade literacy. EnCompass built evaluation and research capacity of Zambian institutions, including the Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education, Examinations Council of Zambia and institutions of higher learning, conducts evaluation and research, and provides technical expertise. EnCompass implemented baseline, midline, endline and two performance evaluations, and conducted case study research.

Time to Learn’s Case Study Series provides insight into best practices in education with an emphasis on community schools. Designed for policymakers and program implementers, these case studies focus on key research priorities identified by stakeholders in Zambia’s educational sector, including government officials, academics, and civil society.

Published case studies include:

Other published Resouces:


EnCompass’ evaluations integrate Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) and Snapshot for School Management Effectiveness with qualitative and classroom observation methodologies in an appreciative, participatory, whole-systems approach that contributes to a more complete understanding of the unique community school context and project interventions. As the project’s learning partner, each evaluation built on previous findings in an iterative approach that focused on the most pressing project learning needs.

Project evaluations include:

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