Abt Associates, Africa Indoor Residual Spraying Program II

Part of the President’s Malaria Initiative, Africa Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) II provides USAID with IRS-related commodities procurement and logistical services; planning, organization, management, and implementation of IRS programs; host-country environmental impact assessments and compliance and monitoring assessments; organization of skills training and provision of ongoing supervision; long- and short-term technical assistance; and, advisory and monitoring services to host country institutions. USAID anticipates a need for IRS projects in up to twenty PMI and non-PMI focus countries. As a subcontractor to Abt Associates, EnCompass develops capacity building strategies for implementers in the targeted countries; designs and develops training plans, curriculum and materials in the technical/functional IRS components; provides technical assistance (such as Training of Trainers) for Ministry and other implementing partner personnel; and, conducts annual capacity assessments to evaluate progress on building country capacity and to inform future project capacity building activities.

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