World Health Organization (WHO) Pathways to Leadership for Transformation of Health in Africa

Project dates: 2018-2022

Client type: U.S. Government

Key topics: Leadership and Management Development, Technical Assistance

Related Country(ies):

Region: Europe and Eurasia, Sub-Saharan Africa

WHO Pathways to Leadership for Transformation of Health in Africa is a systems-level leadership program focused on achieving the results outlined in the WHO/AFRO Transformation Agenda 2015-2020.The program was designed for and delivered to three groups of participants: Directors, WHO Representatives, and WHO Senior Leaders. This comprehensive experiential learning program supported WHO senior leaders and managers throughout Africa to develop more complex and adaptive leadership skills and strengthen the leaders’ ability to effectively influence the health agenda and drive necessary outcomes (pro-results values, smart technical focus, responsive strategic operations, and effective communication and partnerships).The blended learning design included a coaching component, pre-work, six virtual sessions, face-to-face workshops, an action learning component, learning bursts, coaching and a final virtual session. The course was delivered in English, French, and Portuguese across the Africa region with the intention of building a common understanding of leadership, technical leadership, and WHOs role in improving health outcomes on the continent.

The WHO Pathways to Leadership Programme builds leadership and technical competencies at all levels of the organization, encouraging a cohesive language of leadership within the organization that supports health outcomes where WHO implements. The three-tiered approach to the course was key to impacting the entire organization and supporting participants to demonstrate leadership behaviors and skills across all roles with a common understanding of what the organization is building towards. Creating a common understanding and language around leadership supports the health of the organization, allows course graduates to succeed fruitfully within their organization, and drives health outcomes in Africa.

The success of the program prompted WHO to invite EnCompass to redesign and deliver it for the EURO region.

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