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UNAIDS, Monitoring the Global AIDS Response

Project dates: 2015-2016

Client type: International Organizations

Key topics: Health, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research, Technical Assistance

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Region: Global

In 2001, UNAIDS was mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to support countries in monitoring progress in the Global AIDS Response and to report back on progress to the General Assembly. Progress has been measured against a set of 2010 and 2015 targets, based on a global monitoring framework which draws on a global indicator set.

A new goal to end the AIDS epidemic was adopted in 2014 and requires a new global monitoring framework for HIV and AIDS in order to ensure continuing relevance and usefulness of the data. EnCompass supported UNAIDS in this effort by creating a revised framework and an updated indicator set for monitoring the Global AIDS Response against anticipated targets for the year 2020/2030.  In order to do so, the evaluation team identified redundancies, gaps, and areas which will need attention in the framework for 2020-2030.  Next, a draft framework will be developed for 2015-2020/2030, which documents emerging areas and suggests an updated indicator set and reporting mechanisms for global and country level to measure progress against the future targets.

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