USAID’s DEEP Activity: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Capacity Strengthening

USAID’s DEEP Activity: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Capacity Strengthening

Through the Data and Evidence for Education Programs (DEEP) activity, EnCompass works with the USAID Office of Education in the Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment to improve the quality, relevance, availability, accessibility, and use of education data and evidence. DEEP’s aim is to help cultivate improved and more equitable education programs around the globe.

The DEEP team uses a four-pronged approach to address the challenges of effective data and evidence utilization, fostering a shift in data culture:

  • Ensure the availability of rigorous, relevant data
  • Better understand contributors and barriers to program effectiveness and equity
  • Translate complex information and tailor content and dissemination approaches to increase accessibility of evidence
  • Ensure meaningful use of information by strengthening capacity to interpret and use evidence throughout the USAID Program Cycle

DEEP also provides technical support to USAID missions and bureaus and other U.S. Government agencies interested in improving the quality, relevance, and use of their education data. EnCompass partners with MSI on this contract.

Photo c/o USAID via US Government Works