Generating Results in our Work and Thought Leadership (GROWTH) Activity for USAID’s DRG Center

Generating Results in our Work and Thought Leadership (GROWTH) Activity for USAID’s DRG Center

Through the GROWTH activity, EnCompass supports the Center for Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (DRG Center) to strengthen learning events and increase DRG Center thought leadership. GROWTH is designed to strengthen the USAID DRG cadre’s capacity to exchange information and resources via synchronous and asynchronous training programs, internal and external events, and individual and group leadership activities.  

GROWTH’s main activities will include:  

  • Professional development and training activities (e.g., training, webinars, eLearning modules) that address DRG’s technical professional development and training needs using best practices in adult learning. Design of new training programs will be appropriate for delivery to mixed audiences (in-person, remote, hybrid) and leverage the most engaging technologies.
  • Design, organization, and facilitation of events, including Presidential Initiative for Democratic Renewal (PIDR) events, retreats, policy discussions, or convenings that forge linkages among pro-democracy organizations globally.  
  • Developing leadership skills through coaching and leadership development work across the DRG Center and DRG cadre globally. GROWTH’s approach to leadership development is to meet individual development needs and facilitate team and organizational development to advance the DRG Center’s standing in the democracy, human rights, and governance (DRG) space.
  • GROWTH also provides cross-cutting support services to ensure that activities planned and implemented under this contract effectively apply the most appropriate technology; are fully aligned to promote and support diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility (DEIA); reach the DRG Center’s target audiences through effective communications; and evaluation services are provided on all training and leadership initiatives.  

GROWTH builds upon EnCompass’ four successful years implementing the Generate Results within Our Work (GROW) Activity from 2018 to 2022. The lessons learned and established under GROW allow EnCompass to build on its longstanding partnership with USAID’s DRG Center and to maintain a high caliber of services in training development, leadership, and convenings and professional exchange.  

Photo by:  USAID DRG Center