Our Team

Senior Leadership

Kathy Callahan

Vice President, Learning & Leadership Development

Michelle DeFayette

Vice President, Business Strategy

Lynne Franco

Vice President, Technical Assistance & Evaluation

Pam Homan

Vice President, Finance & Administration

Vera Connolly

Director, Talent Management

Jonathan Jones

Director, Evaluation

Alaine Kennedy

Director, Business Development

Lyn Messner

Director, Gender & Inclusive Development

Robert Rice

Program Director, GHPOD II

Beeta Tahmassebi

Director, Strategic Initiatives

Nelson Fernandez

Associate Director, Finance

Core Team

Janina Acevedo-Yates

Learning Specialist

Zeyna Anderson

Learning Specialist, GHPOD II

Ghazia Aslam

Senior Evaluation Specialist

Amy Bhopal

Special Projects Associate

Meseret Bejiga Biftu

Regional Gender Officer, Transform: PHC, Ethiopia

Juana Bravo Hernandez

Administrative Coordinator, Peru MELS

Andrea Brazell

Program Coordinator, GHPOD II

Brenda Bucheli

Chief of Party, Peru MELS

Sergio Cambronero

Senior Evaluation Advisor

Crystal Cason

Visual Design Specialist II

Peter Cerka

Project Manager II, DEEP

Indu Chelliah

Evaluation Specialist

Katie Cheney

Gender Integration Specialist II

Ignatio Chiyaka

Senior Learning Specialist

Jennifer Collins-Foley

Chief of Party, GROW

Kyle Cote

Business Development Manager

Kristen Dayton

Communications Specialist

Hirut Demissie

Finance & Operations Manager, Transform: PHC, Ethiopia

Raener Browne Dougé

Contracts Specialist

Gisèle Dunia

Senior Capacity Building Advisor, DHS

Joshua Durant

Instructional Design Specialist, DHS

Lauren Else

Evaluation Specialist

Zachariah Falconer-Stout

Evaluation Specialist II

Tamara Filipović

Project Manager II

Daniel Freehling

Deputy Director, GHPOD II

Shailee Ghelani

Project Coordinator, Transform: PHC

Pragati Godbole

Evaluation Specialist

Lauren Godfrey

Project Manager, GROW

Bastian Gras

Instructional Technology Specialist

Christy Grimsley

Senior Learning Specialist

Susana Guevara Salas

Evaluation & Inclusion Specialist, Peru MELS

Julie Harris

Editing & Product Development Associate

Simon Hiltebietel

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist II

Karen Holderman

Corporate Affairs Specialist

Katie Hortenstine

Program Coordinator, GHPOD II

Debra R. Howe

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Jaime L. Jarvis

Strategic Communications Specialist II

Alexandra Fernandez Jefferson

Project Manager, TEI

Amy Johnson

Senior Learning Advisor

Nita Johnson

Talent Acquisition Associate

Diane Jordan

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Stacy Kancijanic

Senior Business Development Manager

Brent Keener

Senior Business Development Manager

Abrehet Kidanu

Regional Gender Officer, Transform: PHC, Ethiopia

Anna Kinzer

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Elisa Knebel

Senior Evaluation & Learning Advisor

Soojin Ku

Project Coordinator, GROW

Abby Ladd

Senior Evaluation Specialist

Danielle Lane

Senior Learning Specialist, GHPOD II

Yidnekachew Legesse

Regional Gender Officer, Transform: PHC, Ethiopia

Sarah Smith Lunsford

Senior Evaluation Advisor

Ali Macia

Project Assistant

Mutsa Makufa

Gender Project Assistant

Jenny Menacho Agama

Capacity Development & Learning Specialist, Peru MELS

Zenebech Mesfin

Gender Project Coordinator

Mike Mikolaitis

Senior Logistics Specialist

Gabriela Moore

Project Coordinator

Amy Mulcahy-Dunn

Senior Evaluation Advisor

Mike Myers

Senior Learning Specialist, GHPOD II

Kimberly Norris

Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Kristin Nwakobi

Blended Learning Specialist

Nikki Patel

Project Assistant, Capacity Strengthening

Ronak Patel

IT Manager

Ashira Pelt

Events Coordinator, GROW

Jennifer Pendleton

Senior Gender Integration Specialist

Natalie Petrulla

Gender Project Coordinator

Chris Poosuntisumpun

Senior IT Manager

Nisa Praisaengpetch


Aida Rageai

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Fazel Rahim

Gender Training Specialist II

Katty Rey Macedo

Operations & Finance Coordinator, Peru MELS

Joyce Roberts

Finance Specialist

Rebecca Russell

Senior Contracts & Compliance Manager

Diana Santillán

Senior Gender & Evaluation Specialist

Jelena Simmons

Editing & Product Development Specialist

Dustin Smith

Gender & Evaluation Specialist

Abigail Spangler

Gender Integration Specialist

Jenny Stisher

Project Manager II

Debora Stockwell

Finance Specialist

Elizabeth Stuhr

Gender & Health Specialist II

Heran Tadesse

Senior Gender Advisor, Transform: PHC, Ethiopia

Kirsten Tanifum

Evaluation Project Coordinator

Yonas Terefe

Regional Gender Officer, Transform: PHC, Ethiopia

Rachel Tobin

Project Production Manager

Vito Vallone

Budget Coordinator

Emma Venetis

Project Coordinator, DEEP

Mindy Visser

Senior Learning Specialist

Eleanor Vorys

KM & Communications Coordinator

Monique Zegarra

Project Manager

Kirsten Zeiter

Evaluation Specialist

Caroline Zwicker

Senior Learning Adviser