Tessie Catsambas Joins CIDC Leadership

January 29, 2015

EnCompass President, Tessie Catsambas, has been invited to join the Executive Advisory Board of the Council for International Development Companies (now a part of the International Development Task Force at the Professional Services Council).  She joins a distinguished group of leaders in the international development field to provide guidance to this organization of nearly 120 company members. CIDC serves as an advocacy platform to pursue thought leadership and high-level dialogue with USAID, educate audiences on the vital role our companies play in sustainable development, and inform and advocate on contracting, regulatory, legislative, business process, and business development issues.  EnCompass has been a member for the past three years.

EnCompass is excited to take a leadership role in this effort to bring greater visibility to the important role implementing partners play in further sustainable development.

Other members of the Board include:

  • Susi Mudge, President & CEO, Chemonics (chair)
  • Charito Kruvant, CEO, Creative
  • Jim Boomgard, CEO, DAI
  • Cristina Mossi, CEO, Devis
  • Mihir Desai, President, Dexis
  • Tessie Catsambas, CEO, EnCompass
  • Larry Cooley, CEO, MSI
  • Jan Auman, President, Tetra Tech
  • Jonathan Darling, President, TRG
  • Barbara Turner, President & CEO, URC

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