Rethinking Training and Facilitation with USAID

EnCompass is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the latest USAID Agency-wide Training and Facilitation contract. Awarded by the USAID Office of Human Capital and Talent Management (HCTM)/Center for Professional Development (CPD), this five-year contract builds upon similar work EnCompass has provided to the Agency since 2006, including on-boarding for new civil and foreign service officers, supervisor skills workshops, training on workforce diversity topics, and other staff development activities. Over the past three years alone, EnCompass has partnered with USAID to on-board over 1,000 new employees and train over 1,100 staff in core HR- and supervisory-related topics.

Through this new mechanism, EnCompass will continue to provide a variety of training opportunities to the Agency’s approximately 8,000 employees, as well as the facilitation of new employee orientations. EnCompass will also:

  • Design and develop new training programs, and modify existing workshops, with an eye to blended learning delivery formats
  • Facilitate Agency-specific courses and staff development activities
  • Provide other technical assistance for the HCTM and Missions as needed. 

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with USAID at a time when it is making strides towards a long-term, sustainable human capital development strategy of building management, leadership, and supervision capacity across the Agency,” said Ms. Sharon Bean, the Program Manager for this work. “Investing in the Agency’s talent, especially in the areas of leadership development, means overall greater capacity for success in tackling the multifaceted challenges of development that USAID is tasked to do every day.”

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