Past ICT Webinars

Using Social Media to Promote Health in Developing Countries

Presented by: Mike Shoag, Managing Director, Forum One


Using Data for Equity and Impact Analysis

Presented by: John Toner, Aid Effectiveness and Development Technical Advisor, CSF


Reaching Health Officers in the Deep Field: Blended Learning in Support of Operations Research

Presented by: Kathy Callahan, Director of Learning and Development, EnCompass LLC


Strengthening Supervision of Health Service Delivery through Mobile Technologies

Presented by: Taylor Price, URC and Ramona Arnett, BEA


Data Storytelling for a Better World

Presented by: Brian Pagels, Chief Impact Officer, Forum One


Connecting Collaborators through the Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI)

Presented by: Jeffrey Arias, Program Associate, Results for Development (R4D)


Quick and Easy Methods for Visualizing Health Data

Presented by: Tiana Jaramillo, Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, URC


Promoting Healthy Behaviors through Interactive Media and Community Mobilization

Presented by: Shelley Smart, Strategic Initiatives Advisor, Equal Access


Managing Infectious Disease Outbreaks with Mobile Data Capture

Presented by: Rebecca Hutchins, Lead Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

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