UN Agency, Leadership and Management Development Programs

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EnCompass designs and delivers four different global management and leadership development programs within a major organization of the United Nations (UN) in a variety of locations including New York, Geneva, Vienna, Santiago, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Beirut, and Bangkok. These mandatory programs are delivered to 400-500 senior leaders and managers each year. The programs include multiple classroom modules, 360 assessments, individual coaching to integrate learning.

In 2012, this agency was presented with the Prism Award from the International Coach Federation (IFC) for the use and impact of coaching. According to an evaluation conducted by the ROI Institute, the MDP has had a significant, measurable impact on job effectiveness, and there has been an 87.6% return on investment from the coaching component. EnCompass coordinates a team of approximately 20 coaches to support MDP participants.

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