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Core Partners


Ipsos Public Affairs, (http://www.ipsos.com/) Ipsos has locally-incorporated offices in 89 countries and works on targeted local studies and end-to-end evaluation in all regions and across the full spectrum of international development program areas. Ipsos’ experience includes pilot studies for instruments and indicators, the design of experimental and non-experimental impact studies, methods for identifying and tracking hard-to-reach populations, large-scale data collection (using its own field teams), and complex analytics. Ipsos also has extensive expertise in qualitative research design and data collection.


JBS International (JBS) (http://www.jbsinternational.com/), a women-owned firm, has been dedicated to conducting program evaluations, research and technical assistance in international education, including hard-to-reach populations, basic education, workforce development and youth and adult learning, for nearly thirty years and in over 100 countries. JBS implemented  USAID’s Global Monitoring and Evaluation IQCs, providing evaluation, assessment, planning, design, monitoring, knowledge management, and dissemination services as well as training and event support in education between 1993  – 2014 (HERNS, GEM I and GEM II).


Khulisa Management Services, South Africa, (http://www.khulisa.com/) Khulisa’s focus is on strengthening M&E systems and processes.  They are expert in creating M&E frameworks; auditing/evaluating M&E systems; conducting process, outcome, and impact evaluations; analyzing data and trends; and developing software for M&E. They have conducted over 300 evaluations for the USG.


Urban Institute, (http://www.urban.org/) The non-profit Urban Institute is a US think tank that has also has worked in more than 70 countries implementing programs, conducting research, and offering evidence-based solutions that improve lives and strengthen communities. For five decades Urban has elevated the debate around social and economic policy using cutting edge research, with expertise in impact evaluations, meta-evaluation, program monitoring, and multi-country assessments.


University Research Co., LLC (URC), (http://www.urc-chs.com/) Dedicated to improving the quality of health care and social services worldwide, University Research Co., LLC (URC) is a leader in evaluation, research and quality improvement (QI).   We have conducted over 150 research studies and evaluations testing the feasibility of interventions to reshape health systems for better health outcomes, and have developed host country capacity to effectively evaluate, while linking monitoring data to ongoing improvement. 

Regional Partners


Catalyst Management Services (CMS), India, (http://cms.org.in/) CMS is well known for its expertise in evaluations and impact assessments, monitoring, research and documentation in the agriculture, livelihoods, education and health sectors.


Center for Development Services (CDS), MENA, (http://www.cds-mena.com/site/index.php) CDS is a leading organization in participatory research that aims to bring grassroots voices to the forefront of development and policy making through community-based monitoring, participatory rapid appraisal, and participatory self-evaluation.


Center for Promotion of Human Rights and Development in Africa (CPHDA), West Africa, (http://www.cphda.org/) CPHDA offers research, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, facilitation of dialogue, and the production of high quality reports. Their expertise is in developing M&E frameworks and indicators where outcomes are traditionally hard to define and measure. They have extensive experience in M&E training and capacity building.



GeoWel Research, E&E, (http://www.geowel.org/) GeoWel conducts research across the Eur/Eurasia region, mostly providing or supporting public policy work, development project design, monitoring and evaluation and project implementation. Research methods include large-N surveys, focus groups, institutional analysis, legal and regulative analysis, expert interviews, and socio-economic data analysis. They have conducted more than 50 projects over 10 countries for clients including USAID, the EU, DfID, Asian Development Bank, KfW, UNDP, UNICEF, Mercy Corps, CARE International, Oxfam and many others.


Information International (Ii), MENA, (http://www.information-international.com/) Information International, a leading Beirut-based research and consultancy firm, has intensive experience in conducting project evaluations and impact assessments in health, education, agriculture, infrastructure facilities, demographic and socio-economic studies. It is also highly experienced in capacity building with a department specialized in planning and organizing training and conferences.


Monitoreo, Vigilancia e Impacto Social (MVI), LAC, (https://www.mvisocial.org/) MVI specializes in socioeconomic studies with a focus on gender and M&E systems design. Their expertise is in conducting process, outcome, and impact evaluations; designing M&E systems, and conducting performance audits.


SEI, Asia, (http://sei-international.org/asia) SEI is an independent international research institute engaged in environment and development issues at local, national, regional and global policy levels. Aside from its policy engagement, it has developed tools and software for natural resources management such as WEAP (Water Evaluation and Planning) and LEAP (Long range Energy Alternatives Planning System) and has pioneered the use of outcome mapping in adaptive management and reporting through its Participatory, Monitoring, Evaluation and Communication (PMEC) tool.

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