Food by Prescription in Kenya

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An assessment was conducted in Kenya in October 2009 in order to examine the national Food by Prescription  program, study program strengths and challenges, and document lessons learned and promising practices. AIDSTAR-One conducted the assessment with the participation of the USAID Mission in Kenya, the National AIDS and STI Control Programme, and Academy for Educational Development.

Data for the assessment was collected by qualitative and quantitative research methods, including focus group discussions, individual client interviews, provider interviews, and key informant discussions with policy makers and program managers. The assessment team captured beneficiary perspectives and client satisfaction; provider perspectives on patient outcomes as well as task shifting; and key information perspectives on issues such as integration, data collection, training and policy.

The assessment found that, overall, the Food by Prescription program in Kenya is an excellent intervention, well-appreciated by clients and providers alike in terms of improving nutritional status and health outcomes and supporting adherence to and efficacy of antiretroviral therapy. With an eye to improving an already effective program, this assessment identified six critical areas for quality improvement in order to facilitate graduation from the program, reduce re-entry, enhance integration and encourage sustainability. These areas involve: training, supervision, referrals, community linkages, reporting and data management, and policy.

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Lilia Gerberg and James P. Stansbury
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