Kathy Callahan to Present at Learning Solutions 2015

Kathy Callahan, EnCompass' resident Director of Learning and Development, is in Orlando, FL this week for the Learning Solutions 2015 Conference & Expo. Designed for training and learning professionals, this year's conference focuses on the convergence of technology and training, and Kathy has been invited to lead a session on the fully blended learning journey EnCompass developed for the World Food Programme.

During the session, Kathy, along with colleague Paul Howe of the World Food Programme, will examine how the effective use of technology and sound learning principles were combined to meet a real need—providing training to incredibly busy professionals dispersed in hard-to-reach locations all over
the world. They will explore the decision-making required at key steps in the design and delivery of a blended learning program, and provide attendees with valuable tips for enhancing their own
blended-learning programs.

The session will discuss:

  • How to structure a blended-learning journey to take advantage of the latest learning research and technologies
  • Best practices in partnering with SMEs to make the most of their content expertise and your learning expertise
  • Lessons in delivering high-risk, highly-participatory virtual sessions using the full capacity of the platform
  • How to design and integrate meaningful action-learning projects into the learning journey

For more details about the conference session and presenters, please visit Learning Solutions 2015.


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