EnCompass and USAID share the view that access to data is a public good that helps “fuel innovation, drive good practice, and brighten the future for the next generation of learners.”

In that vein, we’re proud to share the new Development Data Library (DDL) Roadmap for Education Programs from USAID’s Office of Education. Our team for the USAID Data and Evidence for Education Programs (DEEP) activity—which EnCompass implements with MSI, a Tetra Tech company—collaborated with the Office of Education to develop the roadmap. This interactive new resource, in PDF, is a visually rich guide to help USAID’s education partners navigate the three-stage process of producing, cleaning, and submitting data for the DDL.

Why Submit Education Data to the DDL?

The DDL is USAID’s official data repository, allowing the agency’s partners to share and discover datasets and “data assets.” Submission of data is a contractual requirement for USAID partners. As USAID notes in its summary of the DDL Roadmap for Education Programs on EducationLinks, “All data undergo a clearance review to ensure that USAID makes as much of the data publicly available as is practical, while securing confidentiality and safety of Agency staff and program beneficiaries.”

EnCompass and MSI are pleased to offer the DDL Roadmap for Education Programs as a tool to help USAID’s education partners understand how to navigate this process, while ensuring data are of a sufficient quality to be discoverable and useful to the public.

Hear from the Experts

A webinar with the USAID Office of Education and the DEEP team earlier today offered participants guidance for submitting high-quality education data to the DDL. Topics included tips for making data “discoverable and useful,” managing informed consent and personally identifiable information, and navigating USAID’s clearance and review process. Missed the session? Check this space for a link to the recording on EducationLinks, coming soon. We’ll also share the link through our LinkedIn and Twitter feeds as soon as it’s ready.