EnCompass is excited to share that together with our partners, we are launching the USAID Makanati | Women’s Economic Empowerment and Leadership Activity.  Awarded in November 2021, Makanati is a five-year contract aimed at increasing women’s labor force participation and more inclusive economic growth in Jordan.

Using a targeted sector and regional focus, Makanati will establish pathways through which social change and economic opportunities lead to a systemic shift from women’s exclusion to inclusion in market systems; increase women’s economic participation in the private sector; and propose national and community-based solutions. Makanati has the potential to transform the socio-cultural norms that currently impede women’s labor force participation and advancement in Jordan by identifying impediments limiting the number of women seeking work. Research, advocacy, and training efforts under this contract will be geared toward improving workplace and employment policies, providing workplace and leadership skills, creating conducive working environments, and exploring safe transportation solutions for working women.

EnCompass has a long-standing history of supporting Women’s Economic Empowerment initiatives across sectors, including our work on the Advancing Women’s Empowerment Program (AWE) and the Transform Primary Health Care project. EnCompass will collaborate with private sector firms, the government, community-based organizations (CBOs), and other Champions of Change in Jordan to promote the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in the labor force.

Photo: Woman’s Day by USAID Jordan on Flickr