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New Infographic from Our Team’s Gender-Based Violence Landscape Analysis in Ethiopia

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This infographic from our team’s recent gender-based violence landscape analysis in Ethiopia summarizes emerging themes, findings, and actionable recommendations for stakeholders in the country’s primary healthcare system. The infographic is part of a package of resources, including four regional studies and a synthesis report, designed to help share the methodology, results, and impact of the landscape analysis, which is the first of its kind in Ethiopia. One aim is to emphasize the importance of conducting gender analyses and subsequent studies and activities to identify and address gender-related gaps and opportunities in the health sector.

The USAID Transform: Primary Health Care project team conducted the gender-based violence landscape analysis to address knowledge gaps in the Ethiopian primary healthcare system’s scope and in the quality of gender-based violence prevention and response services. It has informed activities the project is implementing with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health to improve the quality of gender-based violence prevention and response services.

Click the images below to access a PDF of the infographic. 

Image of Infographic pages 1 and 2, click for accessible PDF version

Image of Infographic pages 3 and 4, click for accessible PDF version

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  • Shitaye
    May 15, 2020

    Depend on you released idea really it is appreciated activities and I take time to say I thank you very much the PHC Transform USAID to full fill the gap identified.


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