Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research

 What We Offer 

  • Sophisticated models for client engagement, tailored to each unique organizational or project culture
  • Cross-cutting technical expertise to help integrate learning across programs and increase collaboration, with lasting effects
  • A tailored mix of quantitative and qualitative methods to enable broad understanding and triangulation of findings

How We Work

  • Highly collaborative approaches to encourage the use of data for program design, learning, and enhanced performance
  • Equity-focused engagement of diverse voices and data disaggregation for meaningful analysis
  • Advanced facilitation and capacity strengthening processes for deeper understanding of programmatic outcomes

What Makes Us Different

  • Appreciative Evaluation, a strengths-based methodology that helps stakeholders acknowledge past successes and visualize the way forward
  • Humility and respect in engaging participants, believing that active engagement of stakeholders leads to more meaningful and feasible evaluation frameworks
  • User-centered data visualization and specialized reporting instruments to facilitate uptake of research and evaluation findings

Utilization-Focused Evaluation Recommendations

In our latest resource in the EnCompassing Evaluation series, Zachariah Falconer-Stout and Jonathan Jones look at the role of evaluation recommendations in ensuring utilization-focused evaluation. In this new resource, we clarify what EnCompass’ evaluation teams mean...