What We Offer 

  • Innovative capacity-strengthening approaches that build competence, confidence, and engagement

  • Masterful blended learning programs that enable reflection, application, and synthesis of learning

  • Diversity of cultures, languages, and technical expertise to ensure learning resonates

How We Work

  • Collaborative processes that engage the client as a thought partner through the design, delivery, and evaluation of the learning program

  • A proven blend of virtual, face-to-face, and peer engagements that emphasize experiential learning and on-the-job application

  • Rigorous assessment and evaluation for continuous improvement in learning and capacity strengthening programs

What Makes Us Different

  • Virtual instructor-led training, or vILT, leverages technology to engage large and small groups from anywhere in the world

  • Action learning that helps participants apply learning for meaningful professional development

  • Learning “bursts” that extend the learning journey with follow-up messages and interactive resources to strengthen understanding of the subject matter.

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