Leadership and Management Development

What We Offer

  • Customized, strengths-based approaches that equip leaders and managers with skills to navigate complex challenges
  • Trailblazing technology for facilitation, coaching, and collaboration to help guide organizational change and enhance individual and team effectiveness
  • Multicultural, multilingual, and gender-balanced teams to support clients across the globe

How We Work

  • Carefully aligning leadership and management competencies with organizational goals
  • Emphasizing emotional intelligence and empathy as well as promoting a shared leadership culture
  • Maximizing the depth and breadth of leadership development through our understanding of what makes individuals, teams, and organizations effective

What Makes Us Different

  • Experiential learning methods that engage individuals and teams with highly interactive, participatory activities
  • Executive coaching in multiple languages to build on strengths, improve confidence, and drive leadership development
  • Customized feedback instruments to assess individuals, teams, and organizations

USAID, Promote – Afghanistan

Promote is USAID’s largest women’s empowerment program in the Agency’s history, aimed at advancing opportunities for Afghan women who can become political, private sector, and civil society leaders. EnCompass was engaged as part of a Consortium led by...

UNAIDS, Mentoring for Women Leaders

EnCompass designed and delivered a virtual mentoring program for women leaders at UNAIDS, the first in the UN System. The UNAIDS Mentoring Programme for Women was comprised of six, 2-hour sessions for mentors and mentees and a coaching component to ensure that...

World Bank, Fight against HIV/AIDS Stigma in the Workplace

As an extension of a multi-year global learning program to augment the World Bank’s HIV in the Workplace efforts, EnCompass developed a six-module e-learning solution that served as a resource for HIV advocates trained in face-to-face workshops by EnCompass, and as...

UN Agency, Influence and Dialogue Workshop

EnCompass designed and delivered a workshop for field leaders to strengthen their influence and dialogue skills. EnCompass conducted interviews with key stakeholders and potential participants to inform workshop content, which focused on: balancing inquiry with...