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Aspen Institute, ( brings high-level convening power, and is currently supporting a Call to Action for country-driven development. It will be important in TASC ICT to bring high visibility to health ICT issues when needed to stimulate large-scale change and national commitment.


Burness Communications, ( is global communications firm supporting nonprofits and the people they serve – strategic partners who translate research, promote ideas and solutions, and amplify voices. Burness has served some 350 nonprofit organizations in communications strategy, media relations, advocacy training, social media, design, and video production since 1986. Based in the US, Burness has an office in Nairobi, Kenya and a network across Europe, South and Central America, and Indonesia.


BEA, ( founded in 1986, is a woman-owned small IT professional services firm specializing in PC and mobile web/application design, programming and hosting, mHealth, and e-learning health courses and systems. Based in the U.S., BEA has completed thousands of assignments in web communications, distance learning, program assessment, publications, and large-scale data collection, management, display and analysis.


Booz Allen Hamilton,( founded in 1914, provides a broad range of services in strategy, operations, organization and change, information technology, systems engineering, and program management. To help meet the objectives of the TASC4 IDIQ, Booz Allen will draw on insights and experience from decades of collaboration and partnership with diverse health organizations, including USAID, the World Bank, Millennium Challenge Corporation, and Global Fund for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Veterans Affairs Administration, and Centers for Disease Control. Booz Allen, based in the U.S., has 20,000 staff and 16 project offices on six continents.


Community Systems Foundation (, a nonprofit organization established in 1963, has extensive experience in international development program implementation in more than 100 countries.  CSF has expertise in management information systems design, software application development for database management, geographic information systems, online interactive dashboards for data visualization, software and hardware specifications for development projects, and data management and analysis for research projects. CSF is based in the U.S. with technology partners in India, Singapore, South Africa and Brazil.


DAl, ( founded in 1970, has provided services and solutions in over 150 countries for USAID and numerous other international organizations.  Over the last 10 years, DAI has been at the forefront of innovation, fusing ICT and geospatial elements into more than 60 global development projects.  Their expertise is in new ICT and mobile business applications, data collection, analysis, visualization and mapping, and facilitating digital transaction processes across stakeholders.  


Equal Access, ( designs and implements behavior change communication and education outreach campaigns on a range of health issues such as reproductive and maternal health, malaria, HIV/AIDS, child health, nutrition, and sanitation to improve the health of people in underserved communities with limited or no access to reliable information. Equal Access is based in San Francisco and has country offices and large-scale programs in nine countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


Forum One, ( founded in 1966, has extensive health communications capacity, which includes communications and social media strategy, web strategic planning, information architecture and visual design, online data and data visualization, online collaboration and community management, and web site and portal development. Forum One has a staff of approximately 49, including senior strategists, project managers, information architects, usability experts, web developers, technical specialists, and policy analysts. Forum One is based in the U.S.


Kimetrica, ( helps organizations increase the impact and efficiency of their social investments through off-the-shelf and bespoke web-based software applications ranging from M&E to Knowledge Management to Mapping to live Performance Dashboards.  They have a core team of 50 software developers, social science researchers, trainers and subject matter specialists in M&E and Disaster Risk Management.  Kimetrica has offices in the US, Ethiopia, Kenya, Moldova, and South Africa.


Results for Development Institute (R4D) ( brings expertise in health systems strengthening to ensure that ICT for health takes into account a whole health system approach.


University Research Co., LLC (URC), ( founded in 1965, is a leader in applying data management methods and tools to measure the impact of improvement interventions on health programs. Based in the U.S., they have offices in 14 countries in Africa, 6 in Asia and 4 in Latin America.

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