Eval4Action – Mobilizing Evaluators and Promoting Progress toward the Global Goals

Eval4Action – Mobilizing Evaluators and Promoting Progress toward the Global Goals

Written by: Tessie Tzavaras Catsambas

Over the past year, EnCompass has been honored to host and support the global launch and all seven regional consultations of the Eval4Action Campaign.

The campaign engaged those who lead, implement, fund, and use evaluation in consultations on global and regional action, in the hopes of mobilizing the evaluation community and stimulating action toward the Sustainable Development Goals (the Global Goals).

Our work at EnCompass centers on using evidence, engagement, and learning to help organizations build on their strengths and achieve sustainable, positive impact. As such, we were pleased to support consultations that promote action toward clean water, global health, education for all, gender equality, sustainable communities, and an inclusive world that leaves no one behind.

What is the Eval4Action Campaign?

Aligned to the Decade of Action, the Eval4Action Campaign, has been working “to promote widespread recognition on evaluation being critical to, and a key accelerator for achieving the Global Goals.” Since its launch in 2020, the campaign has engaged in seven regional consultations and other advocacy activities to mobilize commitments and actions for a range of stakeholders—parliaments, governments, evaluation networks, young and emerging evaluators, and the private sector—to support the United Nations’ Decade of Action toward the Global Goals.

Building upon the achievements of the past

The Eval4Action Campaign found fertile ground among evaluation communities around the world that have been connected through the international collaboration efforts established by the EvalPartners coalition, the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE), UNICEF, and more. Many have provided volunteer services and funding, and worked together and separately toward the goal of promoting evaluation use in policy making and holding up the values of equity and gender equality in evaluation. Today’s successes are very much built on the achievements of the past.

Yet our experience with the Eval4Action campaign has shown, again, that we cannot take anything for granted; we must prioritize what we value every day. Luckily, there are always new people joining our community, who bring their creative ideas and energy for carrying the evaluation torch further down the line. With the Eval4Action Campaign, EvalYouth and the UNFPA Evaluation Office have been strong global partners in leading our efforts and helping us to keep up with the campaign through the excellent website they support.

Recognizing the energy of our young and emerging evaluators

Since its launch, the EvalYouth network has brought new energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to evaluation that serves the Global Goals. In my keynote address at the 2019 American Evaluation Association in Minneapolis, I named EvalYouth as one of the top three exciting developments in our evaluation community. Since then, EvalYouth has accomplished a lot, and once again, in the Eval4Action Campaign, they shone. EvalYouth leaders and members worked tirelessly to organize regional consultations—managing registration, speakers, and agenda, organizing small-group facilitators and notetakers, and even becoming volunteer simultaneous interpreters to support inclusion and collaboration of people who spoke different languages in each region. It was hard work, and they deserve our loud applause!

Thank you, EvalYouth, for your excellent support of the Eval4Action Campaign, and thank you to the UNFPA Evaluation Office for supporting them.


I am also grateful to the EnCompass team for its wholehearted and tireless support of Eval4Action Campaign consultations, accommodating hundreds of participants, supporting many small groups, working across three languages with simultaneous interpretation, and addressing a myriad of details and issues with efficiency and grace.

As I spoke about EnCompass’ contributions to the Eval4Action campaign at a recent all-staff meeting, the outpouring of enthusiasm and emotion from the team was overwhelming. One staff member summed it up as follows: “I am proud to work for a company that supports the Sustainable Development Goals in such a tangible way.”

So, this moment is about celebration. Not because the work is done, but because it has begun. Not because we have solutions, but because we are engaging in action, and working together for a better future. Thank you UNFPA Evaluation Office and EvalYouth, and thank you to all organizers, speakers and participants for their good work. The EnCompass team is proud to be part of this journey alongside all of you and we look forward to the progress ahead.

Tessie Tzavaras Catsambas

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As co-founder of EnCompass, Tessie Tzavaras Catsambas has led the development of responsible stewardship and strong management along with a transparent and inclusive corporate culture at EnCompass. Ms. Catsambas is an evaluation and organizational change expert with more than 30-years’ experience in evaluation, quality improvement, and innovation. Ms. Catsambas has created and implemented an appreciative model for evaluating organizational and program performance, is co-author of the first text on this topic (Reframing Evaluation Through Appreciative Inquiry, Sage Publications, June 2006), and has continued to publish on the importance of incorporating an appreciative approach to management, learning and evaluation. Ms. Catsambas was president of the American Evaluation Association in 2019, and in 2015, received the International EvalPartners Award in recognition of her leadership, creativity and exceptional contributions to the global evaluation community. She holds an MPP from Harvard University.

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