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EnCompass Endorses the Gender Standards

Written by: EnCompass Staff

EnCompass is proud to announce our endorsement of the Minimum Standards for Mainstreaming Gender Equality. In so doing, we join nearly 40 other organizations in explicitly supporting the shared vision “that all organizations working in the field of international development and humanitarian response recognize, adopt, and adhere to a minimum level of gender equality mainstreaming in their organization widely, and specifically in programs.”

We also take this opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of two of EnCompass’ current partners, ACDI/VOCA and FHI 360, whose experts helped develop the standards. We collaborate with these partners on the Feed the Future Advancing Women’s Empowerment Program and other endeavors.

What are the minimum standards?

The minimum standards are the result of a collaborative research and development process. They reflect “a global movement of evidence and practice,” according to GenderStandards.org. The standards represent the “minimum bar” of organizational and programmatic gender integration in eight domains:

  • Policy
  • Culture and capacity
  • Analysis
  • Budget
  • Data
  • Indicators
  • Do no harm
  • Accountability
Why did EnCompass endorse the standards?

Gender equality and social inclusion are core values at EnCompass. We agree with our fellow endorsers that these values are “key to achieving sustainable development outcomes and creating a more equal world,” because they enhance “people’s ability to realize their full human potential, rights, and freedoms.” When we advance gender equality and social inclusion within systems, we contribute to more equitable social and economic prosperity and decreased threats of violence, among other outcomes (Minimum Standards, page 2).

We endorse the standards because we believe evidence-based development must include gender equality and social inclusion as essential practices—embedded parts of all of our work across geographies, services, and sectors. As an endorser, EnCompass joins with the Gender Practitioners Collaborative to encourage agencies and organizations interested in adopting the standards to “intentionally address and hold themselves accountable to the standards” (Minimum Standards, page 3 and Annex 1).

How can you support the standards?

Visit GenderStandards.org to learn more about the standards and the Gender Practitioners Collaborative. There, you can explore the full package of information, tools, and resources that comprise the Minimum Standards for Mainstreaming Gender Equality.

We also invite you to join our Global Consultant Network and add your expertise to a community of specialists working with EnCompass to promote gender equality and inclusive development.

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