Interpersonal Growth for Evaluators

Interpersonal Growth for Evaluators, January 2021

Instructor: Libby Smith

Evaluators regularly seek to understand the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders, navigate competing priorities of program directors and funders, and facilitate use of evaluation to make meaningful change. In the process, we are called upon to engage in deep listening, understand power dynamics, communicate with diverse audiences, manage conflict, and build relationships. These interpersonal skills are vitally important, but how do we set about developing them with intention?

This course will focus on building evaluators’ core strengths for interpersonal skills through the introduction of the Whole-hearted Interpersonal Practices Framework for Evaluators. The framework, developed by the instructor, helps us delineate between interpersonal skills, qualities, and the tangible practices that help us improve them. These five core practices form the foundation for cultivating the presence we need to be successful evaluators.

How do we develop the emotional intelligence needed to manage conflict effectively? How do we embrace humility and release our need to show up as the expert? How do we accept and ultimately embrace different ways of knowing? How do we set boundaries that lead to respectful relationships? How do we develop our muscles for compassion and empathy while balancing those with accountability?

These are big questions to grapple with, but there are fundamental practices that help us engage with them in whole-hearted, embodied ways. Classes will take place online via Adobe Connect or Zoom. 

Module 1: Interpersonal Growth: Self-Awareness
January 4, 12–3 p.m. EDT

Module 2: Interpersonal Growth: Relationship Building
January 7, 12–3 p.m. EDT

Module 3: Interpersonal Growth: Conscious Leadership
January 11, 12–3 p.m. EDT

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