Managing Conflict Overview

Managing Conflict Course Description

Conflict can be a healthy and natural part of interpersonal relationships, and yet it is often mismanaged. This can lead to discontent and even dysfunction. In this one-module course, participants will learn how to manage conflict by applying foundational conflict resolution skills they can use with stakeholders, team members, and in other interpersonal situations. Participants will learn about the different types of conflict and have the opportunity to explore their own conflict resolution strengths by taking an online self-assessment. The instructor will help participants explore essential conflict communication techniques, common cognitive biases in conflict, and ways to apply what they have learned to better engage with others in work settings. In addition, the course will highlight the nuances of managing conflict in remote work settings, and suggest ways to use technology to support proactive and effective conflict resolution. Case studies and real-world examples will showcase how to apply the content covered in the course.

Please note that participants will be asked to complete a short reading assignment in advance of the program.

Managing Conflict is delivered in one virtual instructor-led module. Participants who successfully complete the course will receive certificates of completion.

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