Khalil Bitar

Khalil Bitar is an independent evaluator from Palestine. He has 13 years of experience as an internal and external evaluator and researcher with multiple governmental institutions and national and international NGOs in several countries and regions. Khalil’s doctoral research focuses on equity and social justice assessment and evaluation. His other research and writing is on evaluation capacity development, national evaluation systems (including in fragility, conflict, and violence contexts), youth participatory evaluation, global evaluation structures, decolonizing evaluation, and transformative evaluation practices. Khalil is a Senior Evaluation Advisor with the World Food Programme’s Evaluation Methods Advisory Panel and Mentor/Facilitator with Designing Evaluation and Communication for Impact. Khalil founded the Palestinian Evaluation Association in 2013 and is a board member of the MENA Evaluation Network; co-founder and former chair of the EvalYouth Global Network; co-founder and former co-leader of the Eval4Action global campaign; and chair of the Fellowship Committee and trustee/board member of the International Evaluation Academy.



Equity and Social Justice Assessment and Evaluation