Evaluation Briefers: Short-Reports Designed for Utilization

Evaluation Briefers Course Description

The long, detailed reports often required by commissioners do little to encourage the utilization of evaluation results. Evaluation briefers, by contrast, are short, stand-alone reports designed to maximize exposure, readership, and, most importantly, use of evaluation results. Because the briefer pulls existing content from the longer, client-mandated report, development is relatively quick and incurs minimal additional expense. In this two-module course, participants will learn the essential components of a briefer, and how to build a briefer from an existing evaluation report of their own.

This course is delivered in two virtual, instructor-led modules. Classes will take place online via Adobe Connect or Zoom. Certificates of completion will be provided at the end of the course to all participants who have successfully completed the modules. Read more about each of the modules below.

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Module 1: The Beauty in the Briefer

Briefers provide concise, data-rich, and highly visual summaries of evaluation results. They extract key points to help busy stakeholders focus on big-picture implications and provide a bridge that encourages them to engage with the full report. In this module, participants will explore the essential elements of a briefer, including key components of layout, content, and visualization. They will review multiple examples and have the opportunity to walk through each step of building a briefer from an evaluation report. For homework after module 1, participants will be asked to bring an evaluation report to module 2 that they will use to develop their own briefers.

 Module 2: Building Your Own Briefer

In module 2, participants will build their own briefers using an evaluation report of their choosing or one provided by the instructor. The instructor will lead participants through a step-by-step process that begins with identifying key elements from the evaluation report that will be included in the briefer, and then works through the layout and design elements that drive understanding and uptake of the evaluation results. At the end of this hands-on, practical visualization course, participants will have a new tool in their evaluation-reporting toolkit.

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