Embedding Learning in Organizations Overview

Course Description

The topic of learning in organizations has been around for decades. However, what it means to learn in a work environment, and how to implement learning practices, has been a challenge. In this course, we will look at various definitions of learning, explore different kinds of learning objectives, and consider specific techniques for facilitating group learning. By the end of the course, participants will be able to take actionable steps for embedding learning practices into their organizations.

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Module 1: Demystifying Learning – What It Means to Learn Within a Work Context

In this module, we will take the mystery and confusion out of what it means to learn within a work context. We will consider definitions of learning; the relationship between individual, group/team, and organizational learning; principles of adult learning; informal and formal learning; and different kinds of learning objectives.


Module 2: Techniques and Tips for Facilitating Group Learning from Data and Experiences

In this module, we take what we learned in Module 1 about learning and consider a wide range of activities that can be used to facilitate group learning. The activities will focus on how to use data (e.g., from evaluation and research studies, public records, and documents) and personal experiences to ground meaningful learning through reflection, dialogue, and engagement.

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