About the ELC

EnCompass LLC established the EnCompass Learning Center (ELC) with the intention of making high-quality online learning accessible to more people across the world. Our clients had been asking for ways to continue learning with us, so we conducted a review of the online learning space related to evaluation, management and leadership development, as well as gender, race, and inclusive practices. We realized there were several online degree programs available, as well as a number of asynchronous courses on the internet, but few high-quality, interactive learning programs for professionals working toward organizational effectiveness and social change.

We bring a number of key strengths to our ELC offerings:

  • Our expertise in designing engaging, interactive, online learning experiences
  • Our knowledge of evaluation, management, and inclusive practice
  • Our network of global instructors who are deeply committed to reaching a diverse audience of learners

The top-notch quality of our ELC classes is the result of close collaboration among our instructors, facilitators, and producers. We blend state-of-the-art content with adult-centered instructional design and optimal technology support.

Our work is guided by a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion for participants and faculty. We are committed to expanding our offerings in response to participants’ needs, and encourage you to reach out to us at learningcenter@encompassworld.com to share your thoughts or make suggestions for new courses or faculty. We do expect to have more courses coming soon, including courses in languages other than English. So stay tuned for more!

We hope you will join us online and look forward to many years of learning journeys ahead.

-The EnCompass Learning Center Team



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