Developing a Learning Agenda Overview

Course Description

Creating a strategy for learning from data and experiences is an important means for ensuring learning practices are embedded in an organization. Such a strategy can be reflected in the development and implementation of a learning agenda that includes a program- or organization-wide framework for determining what gets studied, when, by whom, how, and with what resources. In this course, we will explore the different components of a learning agenda, including a theory of change and strategic learning questions. By the end of the course, participants will be well prepared to engage in the development of their organization’s learning agendas.

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Module 1: A Framework for Designing and Implementing Strategic Evaluations

In this module, participants will learn how to build their own learning agenda by using a framework that can be adapted to various contexts. We will describe each component and share examples. Participants will engage in considering how the framework can capture what they are already doing in their organizations, and how they could build out components that might be missing or need additional development.  


Module 2: Crafting a Theory of Change and Developing Strategic Learning Questions

In this module, we dive deeper into developing two specific components of the learning agenda—a theory of change and strategic learning questions. We will place an emphasis on how a theory of change is as much about the articulation of strategy, as it is a tool for guiding evaluations. In addition, we will discuss the critical role of strategic learning questions and what makes a good question. We will share examples of theories of change and good strategic learning questions.

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