Data Storytelling Course Description

Our brains are wired for stories. Therefore, the stories we integrate with our data can create more actionable information. Before writing another traditional 20 (or 50) page evaluation report, put on your communication and data storytelling hat, and join us for this online learning program that will teach you how to transform data and findings into visual stories that are cogent, engaging, and true to your analysis.

This course is delivered in two virtual, instructor-led modules. Classes will take place online via Adobe Connect or Zoom. Certificates of completion will be provided at the end of the course to all participants who have successfully completed the modules.

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Module 1: Effective Data Storytelling

In this first module, participants will learn the key ingredients that go into effective data storytelling: 

  • How to narrow down to the needs of a specific audience and fine-tune to just one action

  • How to walk in the shoes of an audience so you can craft messaging and develop presentation formats suited to their needs

  • The craft of creating compelling and to-the-point graphs and maps

  • How to organize findings into smaller bits of information so that you don’t overwhelm your readers with everything you know, all at once

Module 2: Crafting Your Story

The best ways to master data storytelling is to try it out and to learn from peers. Between the two modules, each participant will sketch out (on paper) one or two ways to present findings for an evaluation or report that they are working on. The sketches can be rudimentary, conveying the germ of an idea rather than a fully fleshed out concept. Then, in Module 2, participants will engage in a story “swap meet,” where each attendee will share their ideas and get input from others. The instructor will also offer input by asking questions that draw upon lessons from module one. In the end, each attendee will have the feedback needed to create a data story that is immediately relevant to their work.

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