The Certificate in Evaluation Methods and Practice provides a foundational understanding of evaluation practice. With learning objectives aligned with globally recognized evaluator competency frameworks, those who complete this certificate will understand:

  • What differentiates evaluation from other fields of practice;

  • How to select evaluation approaches and theories appropriately;

  • How to use evidence to make evaluative judgments;

  • How to use evaluation in pursuit of social justice and common good; and

  • How to compellingly advocate for the value that evaluative thinking and practice can bring to any field.

To earn the ELC-CEMP, learners must complete the following requirements:

 At least four of the following foundational courses:

At least one of the following courses related to effective reporting:

At least one of following courses related to context and culturally responsive evaluation practice:

Please note that the course does not need to be taken in any particular order.

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