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South African President Jacob Zuma

Mothers in ancient Sparta washed the newborn with wine to ensure it was strong.  Later the baby was brought by its father to the elders, who inspected the newborn carefully. If they found that the child was deformed or weakly they threw it into Kaiada, the so called Apothetae, a chasm at a cliff, of the mount Taygetos. (See

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EnCompass co-facilitated a skills-based, practical training course providing USAID staff with guidance on implementing the Gender Equality and Female Empowerment Policy, in order to identify best practices and lessons learned in integrating gender considerations across USAID’s Program Cycle.

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The PEPFAR gender technical exchange, convened by the PEPFAR Gender Technical Working Group in collaboration with AIDSTAR-One, aimed to support the expansion of gender integration into PEPFAR programs. In response to the call for improved gender integration and mainstreaming, and through the Gender Challenge Fund and Gender-Based Violence Initiative, PEPFAR country teams are expanding their gender programming within HIV prevention, care, and treatment portfolios.

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