EnCompass congratulates Vice President Lynne Franco and colleagues on their peer-reviewed article, Operationalising health systems thinking: a pathway to high effective coverage, published November 3 in Health Research Policy and Systems. The article is available via open access on the journal’s website.

This publication represents an important contribution to the field of global health and another important milestone in EnCompass’ longstanding partnership with Save the Children and other practitioners in global health systems strengthening. The Pathway to High Effective Coverage serves as a link between the multiple conceptual models for quality improvement and practical improvements “at the point of intervention delivery – where effective coverage happens.”

In their abstract, the authors explain this link and the contribution to the literature:

The Pathway to High Effective Coverage fills this gap, unpacking the black box of ‘implementation strength’ while linking national policies and health systems structures, in operational and understandable ways, to household-, community- and facility-level interventions. …


The Pathway to High Effective Coverage contributes to health systems strengthening literature by providing an approach to operationalise health systems thinking into strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation.

Dr. Franco recently had the opportunity to reintroduce the Pathway at the Saving Newborn Lives Legacy e-Talks, sharing its adaptability to help position health systems to understand interventions at country level and map next steps based on data. She has also presented the Pathway at the American Evaluation Association conference and the USAID Global Health Mini-University. EnCompass and Save the Children US originally developed the Pathway with funds from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the Saving Newborn Lives project.

Dr. Franco is coauthor with Lara M. E. Vaz (lead author) of the Population Reference Bureau, Tanya Guenther (formerly with Save the Children), Kelsey Simmons (a former EnCompass team member, now with Ford Foundation), Samantha Herrera (Save the Children), and Stephen N. Wall (Save the Children). EnCompass’ visual design team worked with Dr. Franco to produce the figures in the article.

Read the full text of the article here:

Vaz, L.M.E., Franco, L., Guenther, T. et al. Operationalising health systems thinking: a pathway to high effective coverage. Health Res Policy Sys 18, 132 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12961-020-00615-8

In its first week online, the article has already been viewed 285 times, according to metrics on the journal’s website. We invite you to join that readership and, if you are one of our global health colleagues—or involved in evaluation of global health interventions at systems or service delivery levels—to share your reflections and ideas in the comments section below.