The EnCompass ADVANTAGE team has developed a range of gender-related resources. Visit the links below to access a sample of this work.


Beyond Access: Toolkit for Integrating GBV Prevention and Response into Education Projects

Building a Safer World: Toolkit for Integrating GBV Prevention and Response into USAID Energy and Infrastructure Projects

Gender-based Violence and HIV: A Program Guide for Integrating GBV Prevention and Response in PEPFAR Programs

South-to-South Technical Exchange on Integrating PEPFAR Gender Strategies: Framework and Toolkit

Integrating Gender in Improvement Activities Implementation Guide

Gender Integration Checklist

Integrating Gender into Scale-Up Mapping Tool


Reports, Journal Articles, and Technical Briefs:

Gender-Based Violence and HIV

Addressing Gender Issues in Postpartum Family Planning Services

Addressing the Unique Needs of Men and Women in Non-Communicable Disease Services

Meeting the Different Needs of Boys and Girls in Services for Vulnerable Children

Gender in Honduras: Effectively Integrating Gender into Civil Society

Counterpart Connections: Special Report on Afghanistan

Sexuality, Gender Roles, and Domestic Violence in South Asia

Gender in Youth Livelihoods and Workforce Development Programs

Building the Assets to Thrive: Addressing the HIV-related Vulnerabilities of Adolescent Girls in Ethiopia


Blog Posts:

Every Project is a Gender Project

Giving Women a Voice through Community Dialogue in Georgia



VOICES: Samajhdari

Cardno Connect, Edition 14: Gender

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