Organizational Development and Facilitation

EnCompass provides organizational development and facilitation services to help organizations accomplish their work more efficiently and effectively. Our organizational support services often focus on:

  • Creating common ground and shared vision for the future
  • Deepening understanding of challenges and exploring new possibilities
  • Generating a perspective of the whole system in which clients work
  • Fostering the definition of strengths and learning from past successes
  • Developing clear and focused actions at the individual, team, and organizational levels

Our Services

  • Organizational assessments and audits
  • Facilitation of meetings, retreats, and conferences
  • Planning and managing change
  • Visioning and strategic planning
  • Participative business planning processes
  • Performance measurement
  • Achieving sustainable organizational effectiveness
  • Best practices and benchmarking

Sample Methodologies

EnCompass facilitators apply energizing, action-learning oriented methodologies that enable learning through real-time application. Examples of methodologies that we use include:

  • Appreciative Inquiry. A strengths-based approach to organizational development and change. It is a means to discover the best of the past, to imagine future possibilities, and apply innovative thinking to implement ideas and actions for new directions.

  • The Deep Dive. A knowledge-sharing and learning process designed by EnCompass and adapted from the work of IDEO that establishes a rich, supportive environment for appreciative learning, bold exploration, and creativity and innovation.

  • Open Space Meeting Technology. A highly effective method for engaging groups to define the agenda they wish to address in a meeting. Individuals are invited to identify a topic they wish to have a discussion about, agree to convene a group for this discussion, and commit to ensuring that a record is made of the discussion.

  • World Café. A method used to engage groups of people in discussions on key topics for which increased understanding, learning, or common ground are sought.

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