Leadership and Management Development

EnCompass uses advanced facilitation techniques, state-of-the-art collaboration technology, and executive coaching methods to strengthen individual capacity and to enable greater organizational effectiveness - whether day-to-day or in complex crises. Visit this page for blog posts, project pages, and other content on our leadership and management development services.

What We Offer in Leadership and Management Development

  • Adaptable approaches that ensure leaders and managers are equipped with a range of skills to successfully navigate challenges, from day-to-day issues to complex crises
  • Trailblazing technology for facilitation, coaching, and collaboration to help leaders and managers at all levels develop themselves and others, improve work processes, lead organizational change, and improve team effectiveness
  • Cultural and linguistic competency that enables us to relate to and efficiently assist clients around the world to become better, more effective organizations

How We Work

  • Promoting a shared leadership culture in today’s complex and ever-changing organizations
  • Emphasizing emotional intelligence and empathy in leadership to create an emotionally intelligent team climate that keeps employees engaged
  • Maximizing depth and breadth of leadership development through our understanding of individual capacity strengthening, high-performing teams, and organizational effectiveness

What Makes Our Work Different

  • Clarifying desired leadership and management competencies and ensuring their alignment with organizational goals
  • Designing highly interactive, participatory, and experiential learning activities, such as simulations, peer coaching, learning groups, mentoring, and individual development plans
  • Bringing learning to the workplace through follow-up sessions, application assignments, individual coaching, self-study, and online and mobile resources
  • Incorporating personal leadership into our program designs to enable participants to develop a strong personal foundation for their work
  • Providing executive coaching in multiple languages to help participants identify creative, yet practical solutions to leadership challenges, leverage small actions to achieve big impact, build on strengths, improve confidence, and drive leadership development through ongoing planning and on-the-job learning
  • Developing and administering feedback instruments, such as StrengthsFinder and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, to assess individuals, teams, and organizations

Featured Project

Participants at a workshop

Under a five-year contract with USAID, EnCompass manages the Global Health Professional and Organizational Development (GHPOD) II program. GHPOD’s role is to provide professional and organizational development support to USAID’s health sector...

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Featured Team Member

Bastian Gras is an Instructional Technology Specialist and supports the Learning & Leadership Development Team. He...

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