South-to-South Development

Controlling the Epidemic: Delivering on the Promise of an AIDS-free Generation, Phase 3 of the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), includes five action agendas focused on Impact, Efficiency, Sustainability, Partnership, and Human Rights to achieve the goal of controlling the HIV epidemic and achieving an AIDS-free generation. The Human Rights agenda addresses gender norms and inequities to support better health outcomes through improved access to and uptake of comprehensive HIV services. The Partnership agenda includes the principle of working with civil society, people living with HIV, faith-based organizations, and others for effective mobilization, coordination, and efficient use of resources to expand high-impact strategies—...

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This paper on South-South collaboration was written as a primer on the topic for participants at a Ministerial Leadership Initiative workshop in Ethiopia in November 2010. The paper explores the meaning of the concept, its history to date, and offers case examples of successful South-South efforts.

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