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US Corporation for National and Community Service, Training for the Americorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC)

EnCompass delivered two core training programs to NCCC Team Leaders and Corps Members, ages 18-24, to develop their management competencies and deepen their understanding of cultural diversity issues. The Diversity in Service Training program addressed: increasing awareness of self, culture and identity; applying conflict resolution strategies and tools; understanding communications challenges in diverse cultures; and exploring multiculturalism.

USAID, Mentoring Training Course

EnCompass converted USAID’s Mentoring Training Course into a four-part series of online synchronous sessions.  Working with a mentoring expert, EnCompass synchronous designers adapted a previously PowerPoint-focused course into four engaging, interactive sessions during which mentors and mentees participated in exercises, engaged in group work, and develoedp a community of practice online. EnCompass also facilitated the series.

USAID, Ethics: Rules and Standards for USAID Employees

EnCompass designed an eLearning course for USAID titled: Ethics: Rules and Standards for USAID Employees.  This highly interactive course, based on the “Game of Life,” takes participants through the typical scenarios they are likely to encounter as they navigate through their careers at USAID.  The eLearning was designed to take the training burden off both Washington-based Office of General Counsel training and Mission Regional Legal Advisor staff in providing USAID personnel with their mandatory annual ethics training.

United Nations Organization, Training and Facilitation

EnCompass supported a key UN organization by facilitating meetings and events and conducting training of trainers. EnCompass facilitators provided design and delivery support to enable successful and effective meetings. The aim of this work was to help groups of staff and stakeholders work together to solve problems, discuss issues, plan and implement activities, build teams, make decisions, and manage change EnCompass designed and delivered five-day training of trainers workshops for program staff.

UN Agency, Gender Awareness Workshop

EnCompass designed and delivered a workshop on gender awareness for 30 staff members of a United Nations agency. The workshop focused on increasing awareness of the individual mental models and cultural norms that affect beliefs and attitudes regarding gender. Workshop participants explored how workplace culture is affected by bringing together myriad beliefs and experiences into one agency. The participants discussed strategies and opportunities for developing a more gender-competent workplace.

USAID, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU), Team Building Retreat

EnCompass designed and delivered a 2-day retreat focused on strategic planning and team building to support OSDBU staff in defining goals and link Office operations to the overall mission of USAID. EnCompass conducted a series of individual interviews and focus group sessions and implemented a staff survey/assessment to inform the design of retreat activities.  Post retreat, EnCompass developed a recommendations report including possible follow-on activities to further strategic planning and team building efforts.

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United States Corporation for National and Community Service, Core Competencies Assessment

To help CNCS strengthen its learning processes, EnCompass identified the competencies and learning objectives required to achieve Training and Technical Assistance outcomes. The EnCompass team mapped competencies to existing courses and identified gaps. In producing a logic model documenting the courses that aligned with each competency, learning objective, outcome and learning goal, the team conducted interviews with relevant staff, completed a review of all courses for six CNCS national program areas, and provided recommendations for addressing gaps in the training portfolio.

El Hibri Charitable Foundation, Karamah Evaluation

El Hibri Foundation works to encourage interfaith dialogue by promoting the universally shared values of Islam: peace, charity and civic responsibility. EnCompass conducted an evaluation of one of their grantees – Karamah, an organization that focuses on the domestic and global issues of human rights for Muslim women. The evaluation explored how the grant relationship has helped both the foundation and the grantee in achieving their missions and objectives.

The World Bank, Health, Nutrition and Population Unit, Disease Control Program, Strategic Planning Retreat

EnCompass designed and facilitated a one-day planning retreat in Washington, D.C., to help the newly formed Disease Control Program develop a shared vision and core services, strengthen cohesion, define internal processes for monitoring its scope of work, and draft work objectives. In consultation with the World Bank, EnCompass also developed a report that captured the key outcomes of the retreat. The report included draft work and operational plans, as well as roles and responsibilities for the program team.

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